Now with three best selling books behind them The Jewish Princess Cookbook, Having Your Cake and Eating It and The Jewish Princess Feasts and Festivals, with Family and Friends and The Jewish Princess Guide To Fabulosity, they have changed the public’s perception of kosher cooking and Jewish lifestyle.


Georgie Tarn & Tracey Fine
London, UK

Left to right: Georgie Tarn & Tracy Fine

Georgie Tarn and Tracey Fine are the creators of The Jewish Princess Brand. They met at a tender age of nine at The Grand Hotel, Rimini, Italy (The catskills of Europe). They instantly hit it off but had to go their separate ways. As fate would have it their paths were destined to cross again and at the age of 12 as they set off together down the road called life. Of course ‘life’ has had its ups and downs, but whatever happens they are always there for each other.

They both come from a long line of balabustas and have inherited their love of cooking and food from families, who in a true Jewish tradition know that eating is at the centre of family life. With so many Jewish festivals on the Jewish calendar to celebrate, for example Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot, Channukah, Purim, Passover (Pesach) Shavuot let alone all the other simchas: briss, batmitzvah, barmitzvah and of course weddings this provides a feast of ideas to cook, bake, entertain and celebrate with wonderful Jewish cookery

With a lifetime of shared experiences, boyfriends, engagements, marriages and children – the list is endless as are their phone calls.

Each has been very successful in her chosen field: Georgie was a top London aerobics trainer, Tracey ran an international giftware company. However their careers took a new direction and they are now travelling a new road by touring the UK, and US and wherever else they might be invited to talk about their new baby, their Brand – The Jewish Princess.

Cooking on television with the likes of celebrity chefs: John Torode from Master Chef, Matt Tebbutt from Market Kitchen and presenters Tom Parker Bowles from Market Kitchen, Hardeep Singh Kohli comedian and Jenni Barnett from Great Food Live, plus regular radio interviews on BBC, LBC, REM, and store appearances in Harrods, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis Brent Cross and many more under their belts. 

They now write a regular fun food column in the Jewish Chronicle. With inventive new takes on Kosher food, Jewish lifestyle and with recipes ranging from vegetarian, chicken soup, cheesecake to Passover biscuits. Consequently the column now has a huge global following that is eager to know what The Jewish Princess is up to next.

They make many public appearances and have even opened a supermarket.

They have consulted for Waitrose bringing kosher products to the mainstream.

They have many other exciting projects that will be brought to you soon. 

Georgie Tarn and Tracey Fine are the new ambassadors for Kosher cooking.